Scott (parallax13) wrote,

Hi, my name is Scott.

I am home right now, thus I am in somewhat of a content state of mind. Last night Kris, Andrew and I went to the mall and did absolutely nothing, the highlight being when some girl we passed called one of us a hottie and we started arguing over which one of us she was talking about, even though she was probably looking at the guys behind us. Then we met up with Ivan and went to some girls' apartments whom work with Ivan and Kris and consumed some alcohol. I didn't have too much but Ivan got thrashed, I had no idea how hilarious he could be. Sometime in the not-too-distant future Kris, Ivan, and I are going to Salt Lake City where I will visit Lauren and we can do cool shit like watch The Brave Little Toaster and read Where's My Blankie. Soon I must leave to go back to hell, so I'll be off now. Bye.
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