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Here I am home with absolutely nothing to do because my mom is in Mexico and my dumbass locked her car keys in the car, so I will play with my LJ a bit. I'll start by recapping in some detail my Salt Lake City trip last week.

Kris, Ivan, and myself arrived at something like 7 in the morning and checked into the hotel immediately, where we layed around for maybe two hours since we were all pretty damned tired. At somewhere around 10 we went to the Cottonwood Mall, which is a crappy mall by the way. I only went to go to the comic book place there only to find that they did not have Green Lantern: Rebirth. At somewhere around noon we picked up Lauren and went to the city library, which is a very nice library with really cool elevators. The library however isn't as significant as the fact that across the street from the library is the lamest and most retarded attempt at art I have ever seen. Sitting on a bench there is a statue (or I'm assuming it's a statue, it looks more like paper mache) of a seagull, wearing sunglasses, and holding a red tin full of mashed potatoes. Tell me that isn't the stupidest thing ever? Like why the hell would the city even allow that to be displayed in public? Anyway after the library we went to Jordan Commons which is basically a movie theater with a food court. Jordan Commons is actually about 10 or 15 minutes down the street from the library but somehow Lauren managed to turn it into an hour and a half drive. Anyway, we finally got there and Kris ordered some nachos while Ivan and I fucked some shit up in Time Crisis 3 like we always do then the 4 of us saw The Ring 2. Lauren and I sat by ourselves which is probably good because I'm sure we made a decent amount of noise fighting over the arm rest and what not. On a side note, The Ring 2 sucked ass. I mean I missed like a good 20% of it because of Lauren being so distracting and it still sucked complete ass, except for this really cool scene with the deer. Okay so we then went back to the hotel room where we got bored and decided to drive around looking for a Starbucks only to have no success. Lauren was clearly tired so I suggest we stop looking for somewhere to go and just go back to the hotel room as Lauren layed down with her head on my lap. Once back at the hotel room we all layed down because my ass was tired as hell but Lauren, who was again laying on me, absolutely refused to stop tickling me, so we didn't actually fall asleep until like an hour after laying down. Oh yeah I forgot, I showed Lauren an act of complete kindness by getting up and getting her a cup of water and she thanked me by throwing said cup of water at me and SOAKING me in my sleeping clothes. We only slept for like an hour when Lauren woke me up and said she should go home so we took her home and then once back at the hotel I crashed. Sunday morning we did pretty much nothing because that's exactly what there is to do in Salt Lake City on an Easter Sunday, so I'll fast forward to later when after forever and a day Lauren convinced her dad to let her go to the movies. This time we saw Guess Who?, which was okay I think but again it's not like I paid full attention to the movie. After the movie I realized I was missing my digital camera which killed my mood a little bit and then the night ended with me refusing to give Lauren a goodbye hug and Lauren wishing for me to die in Iraq. True romance. The next day I called Jordan Commons and they had my camera at Lost and Found so we went and got it and then left to drive back at like 11:30. So that was Salt Lake City in a fair amount of detail.

Back in 29 Palms doing really long and tiring training and the shit is driving me crazy. When I get back from Iraq I am SO putting in to go to EOD school, EOD standing for Explosive Ordnance Disposal. I had been trying to go to Coachella where Lauren would be along with some other people but I don't see that happening now, so basically all I have to look forward to is pre-deployment leave.

The Favorites, Have-You-Evers.. and Last Times! Oh, the variety!

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What is your favorite..
gumProbably something sour.
restaurantI'm not too picky.
drinkOh, cranberry juice for life.
type of weatherRain
thing to do on a half dayUm....what?
late-night activityDriving
cityI really like Oceanside, CA
storebook stores
When was the last time you..
criedBefore bootcamp
played a sportBefore bootcamp
laughedI don't remember
hugged someoneI hugged Lauren last Saturday
kissed someoneI kissed Lauren on the cheek or forehead or something last Saturday as well, keep in mind I life with nothing but males, okay?
felt depressedI don't know, 29 Palms is hell though
felt elated
felt overworkedYeah, that would be yesterday
faked sickI can't remember
liedI can't remember
What was the last..
word you saidI don't remember, I've no one to physically talk to at the moment
thing you ateSun Chips, the ones in the red bag
song you listened toI was straight thugging out to a Transplants song just a minute ago
thing you drankI am drinking Cranberry Juice as we speak
place you went tolike, that wasn't routine? Salt Lake City
movie you sawGuess Who?
movie you rentedI think it was Dr. Strangelove, but then I went and bought it
concert you attendedI almost went to the whatever Chaos tour last night with Kevin since he had an extra ticket but I couldn't
Who was the last person you..
huggedI answered this already damnit
cried overI don't know
kissedI answered this too
danced withProbably nobody
shared a secret withI'm not sure
had a sleepover withAndrew?
went to a movie withLauren, Kris, and Ivan
sawUm, my mother
were angry withEither Lauren or the Marine Corps, if that counts
couldn't take your eyes off ofI live with nothing but men
obsessed oversee above
Have you ever..
danced in the rainNo but if I did have to dance it would be in the rain, rain is the shit
kissed someoneHoly Christ yes, do I look 9?
done drugsNo
drank alcoholYes
slept aroundYeah, right
partied 'til the sun came upKinda
had a movie marathonNo
gone too far on a dareNot that I can think of
spun until you were immensely dizzyOh yes
taken a survey quite like this beforeMany

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