Scott (parallax13) wrote,


I'll elaborate on my previous entry a bit. To be short and sweet about it, I've been cheated on. I still cannot believe it, it's like car wrecks or cancer in that it's one of those things you always hear about happening to other people but you never really think it will ever happen to you until it does. I'm trying to be understanding, hoping there is a chance things can somehow go back to how they were before, but maybe that is an impossibility and I'm just fooling myself in a desperate attempt to cling on to something I don't want to let go of.

Thus I ask anyone reading this: Do you think trust like that can ever truly be restored, and if so, under what circumstances? Is that simply one of those bridges that can never be rebuilt once it's been burned? Help me, I'm lost.
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scottie! feel better.

trust can be restored

people make dumb mistakes, and you know you can trust them when they can admit that.

it's the people who are too ashamed to admit their faults, the ones who seem innocent, who you can't trust.

hope that helps<3
hi scott

trust like that can be found again, i've seen it happen for people close to me.. it just took some time. if the person who betrayed you is so horrified by what they did that they would never be able to do it again.. it helps. i really hope things get better for you :\

i am currently writing a response letter to you o.o