Scott (parallax13) wrote,

I'm not going to dwell on anything mentioned in the previous two posts in here anymore, it's being taken care of and I'm content with it.

Some things on my mind:

BAD: The package my mom sent me obviously got lost, because today I recieved the one that she sent after the one in question. Fuck Post Office, all we fricken HAVE here is mail you could at least not lose it for us.
GOOD: I just checked my Marine Online account and apparently I rate to wear the Combat Action Ribbon.....bitches.
BAD: Lauren took out her lip ring. Does she have any IDEA what that lip ring does for me?
GOOD: I have 36 days left before I come back here to Camp Mercury for my 2-3 months of combat stress classes and what not, then I'm home.

That's all for now.
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