Scott (parallax13) wrote,

6 months or so ago I would have given my left fucking arm to be where I am right now, nearing the end of my deployment, about to go home. I would have imagined back then that at this point I would be in complete agony watching as the days dragged by so incredibly slow, waiting for the day when I can finally relax, take my fucking boots off, and be Scott again instead of some Lance Corporal in the Marine Corps.

This however, is so much worse. I feel nothing less than complete and total apathy. I feel like if I were to recieve news that our deployment was extended another 3 months I wouldn't even give a shit. It's like the day I've been lusting over for over half a year is almost here and I don't even care enough to keep track of how many days I have left. What the fuck is the point of living life if you have nothing to look foward to?

I'm trying to think of any news I might have, stuff that has happened and the like. I don't really have any. I'll be home soon enough, anyway. Bye.
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