Scott (parallax13) wrote,

Alright, this update differs from any other I've made in the past 7 months or so, in the sense that I'm not in Iraq. I left earlier today and am now sitting in Kuwait waiting for the plane home. I'll get home around 4 p.m. or so on the 30th. If any of you want to call, my cell is still (520)204-2036, if not then we'll talk when we talk I suppose.

I just found out Chris Penn (He played Nice Guy Eddie in Reservoir Dogs) died. Fuck. I was always amazed with how much emotion that guy put out in the final shootout scene when he is yelling at Mr. White to stop pointing a gun at his dad.

That's it. I have plenty of post-Iraq shit to write about, that will come later. I'll also put a link up to some pictures and videos, or other shit you may/may not care to see.
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