Scott (parallax13) wrote,


I don't think I've updated this thing since I've stepped foot in this damned country, but better late than never right?

So I wrecked my car last night, and by wrecked I mean some asshole was in my lane coming at me at like 100mph and I swerved to miss him, hitting a soft shoulder in the process and fishtailing about 4 times before my car completely rolled over. Oddly enough I was absolutely fine afterwards. I mean I expected to be in shock and to look down and see a leg missing or something but I pretty much got out of the car, dusted myself off, and said "Fuck" really loud. Apparently those seat belts that people are always lecturing you about actually work. I'm sure relations with my insurance company will improve significantly. Bitches.

Other than that though I really have nothing important to say, other than I probably deploy again in December/January.

Fuck what I would do right now for some Super Nachos. Does anyone even read this damned thing anymore?
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