Scott (parallax13) wrote,

First off, I didn't lose my camera, I'm just a moron. Secondly, we are getting ready to leave Salt Lake City now and I'm absolutely dreading it. There is a serene feeling that comes from being somewhere you aren't used to and not having to worry about any of the typical daily life problems that tend to pop up when you're back home. That and I am going back to the most miserable place on Earth and I won't be able to go home for like 4 weeks. Anyway, some parts of the trip went exactly how I expected them to and others did not. It didn't exactly end on a particularly glorious note but I feel wiser as a result. SLC is a very pretty place, however there is not a whole lot to do, especially on a Sunday, so I can't see myself convincing Kris and Ivan to come back any time soon. That's all I have for now, maybe later I'll add details, maybe I won't. Right now thought I'm exhausted. Bye.
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