Scott (parallax13) wrote,

My head is spinning, I never in a million years thought I could possibly hate life this much. I am in what is probably the most stressful environment in the world, never getting a break, constantly having my life threatened, working 15+ hour workdays, it's getting to be too much, and this is the very least of my problems. I'm on the verge of losing the greatest thing in my life, and the situation only seems to worsen every time I approach it. 2 weeks ago I didn't think life could get any worse, but at least then Lauren wanted to try to fix things. Now she has all but stopped caring. She is completely unwilling to make the smallest of sacrifices in order to try to see if we're still capable of having what we had. How he could go from being 'not even close to being worth it' to the one who has completely replaced me in less than 2 weeks is so far beyond my ability to grasp. How can she just forget the feelings we used to have for each other? How can she even COMPARE them with such petty lust? I cannot believe that I've taken such a decline that she can't resist her hormone urges for 2 fucking months in order to try to salvage our relationship. My world is falling apart, I'm powerless to do anything about it, and the only person who can does not care enough.

But they made DDR for Gamecube. Guess my problems are solved, right?
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