Scott (parallax13) wrote,

Once again I'll skip transferring my notebook journal entries onto here for the sake of maintaining everyone's interest.

I received letter mail from Dub today, Tiffany, and my grandmother. Thank you Dub for the artwork, Tiffany for the sticker and excellent stationary, and my grandma's letter contained interesting information pertaining to my dad and my sister, Kali.

I re-read all the mail I've gotten from Lauren today, plus looked at some of my own LJ posts, particularly the one regarding my SLC trip. All in all it was a pretty bad idea as far as my mood goes, but I was amused that I had completely forgotten about the glass of water, and I still have The Brave Little Toaster, unwatched.

I'm getting closer and closer to going home but it still feels like forever. I just want to go into like a year long coma.

That's it.
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